Breakfast and Lunch

‚Äč Breakfast Now Served Daily at the IAM.  

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Food Service is provided by Chippewa Valley Schools.

Lunch: $3.00
Lunch Plus: $4.50

Meal Magic program provides benefits to parents, students

**The Chippewa Valley Food Service Department is now offering parents a new way to pay for their children's school lunch. The Meal Magic program offers parents the ability to go online to meal magic family portal to make real-time deposits on a meal debit card that can be used in any of our school buildings. Meal Magic provides a single data base system for the entire district meaning students can travel between buildings and their account history goes with them. This could allow a student to eat breakfast in one building travel to another for lunch and everything would appear under one account. It also allows parents to apply credit that can be split between multiple children located in different school buildings. A photo identification process is used to prevent unauthorized users from using your child's debit card. With meal magic family portal parents have 24/7 secure access to their child's account, can make one deposit for multiple children, and have the ability to review each child's account through the Internet. 

**Please note that you must use your student's IAM Student Number to deposit money into the correct account.  Do not use any other district student numbers as those deposits will not be credited to the correct account.  You can find the IAM Student Number on the student's ID card, Parent Portal or phone the office for assistance.

Free and Reduced Lunch

Students eligible for free and reduced lunch must reapply for the program through Chippewa Valley Schools.  The program is not administered through the home school districts once a student enrolls at the IAM.  Applications can be found on the Chippewa Valley web site or at meal magic family portal.

External Link  More information on lunches including menus can be found on the Chippewa Valley Website.