Application Dates and Deadlines

Application Directions PDF Document

8th Grade Info Nights - Incoming Freshmen 2018-2019

The IAM will be hosting two informational nights for 8th grade students and their parents/guardians.  These presentations are the same so you would only need to attend one of your choosing.  Please plan to join us on December 14th or December 19th at 6pm at the IAM in the cafeteria for detailed information about our program and the application process. (both nights are the same presentation, you would need to attend only one)  We look forward to meeting you! 


Application Period - Incoming Freshmen 2018-2019
The IAM application period runs from December 20th - January 22nd.


Entrance Exam

Students who have completed the application process will take the IAM Entrance Exam on February 3rd at 9am at the IAM.



Application Period - Current Freshmen and Sophomores

The application period for current freshmen and sophomores as well as international and transfer students is ongoing.  Please complete the online application and submit the application fee with the required documents. Please call the IAM office at 586-723-7200 for more information.