Our Alumni Say

"During my four years at the IAM I was able to play three varsity sports throughout the year at my home school while maintaining excellent grades. Sometimes these sports required me to miss classes; however, the teachers were understanding and I was always able to keep up with the work I missed. This also forced me to learn valuable time management skills. I've continued to use these skills in college as I balance 18 credit hours along with intramural sports and campus jobs."  

"Looking back, the IAM became my family during the four years that I was there. The staff, administration, and students alike were nothing but supportive and I felt they all truly wanted me to succeed. I was pushed to learn past what I thought I was capable of. I am now in the University of Michigan Honors Program and can’t say that I would have ended up here without the high school experience that I had."

"Apart from the 24 college credits I earned from my higher level IB classes, I earned 12 Spanish credits solely from Ohio State's placement exam and tested out of all four of the prerequisite classes for my Spanish minor."

"The IAM facilitated the development of my academic career by instilling essential writing and communication skills in the curriculum of each class. I also learned how to consider opposing viewpoints, alternate methods to solve a problem, and got a more in-depth view of a subject from the 90-minute classes."

"I gained an international perspective not only through my required foreign language classes, but through all of my classes and a school-sponsored trip to France."

"I attended a traditional high school in ninth grade after being placed on the waiting list for the IAM. When space became available in my class, I jumped at the opportunity to enroll in the IAM for sophomore year. I quickly found my niche and made new friends. The amount of homework increased, but it was manageable - even with a part-time job and several extracurricular activities."