Student Laptop Pledge

All IAM students are issued a laptop computer for school use.  It is the responsibility of the student to abide by the Chippewa Valley Acceptable Use Policy and the following pledge.

Student Laptop Pledge

  1. I will take responsible care of my laptop and understand that I will be issued the same laptop each year, as long as I attend the International Academy of Macomb.


  1. I will never leave the laptop unattended.   I will know where my laptop is at all times.


  1. I will never loan my laptop to other individuals, nor will I tamper with another student's laptop.


  1. I will never share my password with anyone except my parents and IAM staff when requested.


  1. I will charge my laptop’s battery daily.


  1. I will keep food and beverages away from my laptop since they may cause damage to the computer.


  1. I will not nor allow someone else to disassemble any part of my laptop or attempt any repairs.


  1. I will protect my laptop and carry it with care.


  1. I will use my laptop computer in ways that are appropriate and educational.


  1. I will not upload or download any music, pictures or videos.


  1. I will not cover up, remove or tamper with the assigned laptop number ID sticker.  There could be a fine assessed if you violate this protocol.


  1. I understand that my laptop is subject to inspection at any time without notice.


  1. I will follow the policies at all times, which are outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy of Chippewa Valley Schools.


  1. I will file a police report in case of theft, vandalism, and other acts covered by insurance.


  1. I will be responsible for all damages or loss caused by usage, neglect or abuse (whether intentional or unintentional).


  1. I agree to pay for the replacement of my power cords and battery, in the event any of these items are lost, stolen, or damaged (regardless of intent).


  1. At the end of senior year, I agree to turn in the laptop for re-imaging. Students will pick up the laptop once the process is complete.


  1. I will not install anything on my laptop, including a VPN, virus protection, or any programs unless instructed to do so by a staff member.


  1. I will not allow anyone other than the IAM technician to attempt repairs on my computer.


  1. I understand that if I violate terms of this Laptop Use Policy or the Acceptable Use Policy of the Chippewa Valley Schools that I could lose the privilege of use of the laptop.


  1. Chippewa Valley Schools does not support the use of laptops brought from home.  I agree that I will only use my school-assigned laptop at school.


  1. By signing this form, I acknowledge receiving the laptop with all its components and that I

 agree to the terms of this IAM Laptop Use Policy AND the Acceptable Use Policy of Chippewa Valley Schools.


Student Name Print


Student Signature _____________________________________________________________________________________


Parent Signature ______________________________________________________________________________________




I understand that the following is a list of potential consequences if I am found in violation of the laptop policy:


Step 1:

Referral to Administration & Warning

Step 2:

Referral to Administration & Loss of Use of Laptop

Step 3:

Referral to Administration & Suspension

Step 4:

Referral to Administration & Permanent Loss of Use of School Issued Laptop



These steps refer to violations of the laptop use policy and Acceptable Use Policy of Chippewa Valley Schools.  However, in certain situations, some violations are considered more significant than others and may require a student to have consequences at a higher step level or even more severe consequences, regardless of the number of times the student had a violation.