Language Policy




Statement of belief:

For students to be internationally minded, it is essential that they enrich their experiences by learning more than one language. The IB learner profile speaks to students being communicators who understand and express ideas and information confidently, creatively and effectively in more than one language and in a variety of modes of communication. In appreciating the different world languages, students become more globally minded. As such, all teachers are language teachers working on developing students' written and oral communication in their discipline.

Students take at least one second language (French, German or Spanish) and can elect to take a third language ab initio over the course of their four years. The goal of their study in the second language is to achieve fluency -both written and oral- by the end of their fourth year. Languages other than English are valued for the knowledge and different cultural perspective they offer.

Students whose mother tongue is not English and are acquiring the language will be supported both by their home district and our school academically, per the home district's ESL support policies. Teachers may differentiate their instruction for these students ensuring they are included in the class environment. Districts provide additional language services for students working in partnership with the school. Additionally the school should collaborate with parents to ensure that students' needs are met using strategies such as but not limited to e-mail, Edmodo, Managebac, and modified assignments per the ESL professionals' suggestions. Teachers should consult with language support staff to understand how best to support students in their language acquisition.