Dress Code


The purpose of the dress code at the International Academy is to facilitate an academic environment. We operate under the model "Dress for Success". We expect our students to be able to greet guests with an excellent first impression and proper dress is part of presenting oneself to visitors (District Representative, College Representatives, etc.) to our building. Students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for school. Students are encouraged to express themselves individually and artistically through their clothing as long as it remains appropriate for an academic environment. Clothing inappropriate to an academic environment is defined as clothing which poses a health or safety threat, or contains prohibited imagery or language. To facilitate an academic environment, the following clothing standards will apply to students of all genders:

• Bottoms should be no shorter than mid-thigh or fingertip length (whichever is higher).

• Undergarments should never be showing.

• Tops should completely cover the mid-section and chest.

• Sheer/thin spandex or thin leggings must be covered by a shirt, dress, skirt or shorts that meet the requirements of mid-thigh/fingertip length.

• All clothing should be free of references to alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, and anti-social behavior.

• Tank tops, hats, visors, sunglasses, swimwear, and loungewear are not considered appropriate for the academic setting and are not permitted.

• Wearing traditional ethnic, religious or national clothing and attire is acceptable as long as it follows the principle of propriety.

• Students must wear shoes at all time.

• Personal hygiene and cleanliness are important in a classroom situation.

Allowances for specific clothing styles and lengths may be made when the attire suits the setting as determined by the supervisor for that setting, e.g.: physical education, special events, etc. It is expected that students not wear jeans when attending off-campus events or activities.

Dress down days are intended to allow students to dress in comfortable loungewear. Dress down days are NOT an opportunity for students to violate the terms of the dress code.

Teachers (or those in a position to enforce this policy) who feel a student is in violation of the dress code will discretely engage in a dialogue with the student regarding their attire. This conversation will take place before class begins or at the end of a class period so as to not disrupt the learning process. If the outcome of this dialogue finds the student to be in breach of the dress policy, he/she will be asked to report to the dean of students. (Exceptions to this rule would be made if the well-being of other students is compromised by the offending student; in those circumstances, students may be asked to leave class).

All dress code violations will begin with the above dialogue with a staff member and the student followed by:

• 1st offense: dean of students dialogue, guardian notification

• 2nd offense: dean of students dialogue, guardian notification, detention

• 3rd & subsequent offenses: dean of students dialogue, guardian notification, suspension

Provisions may be made to find the student appropriate clothing for the remainder of the day on a case-by-case basis. This may include asking the student to change in an appropriate article of clothing they own, asking the student to cover the offending item with another article of clothing, or asking the student to turn the article of clothing inside out. If no alternate provisions can be found, the student's guardian may be contacted to provide them with an appropriate article of clothing.

If a student, for any reason, is unable to find clothing appropriate for the IAM dress code standards, please see the dean of students or the counselor in the main office for support.