Attendance Policy

Absentee Line: (586)723-7299. The absentee line is available 24 hours a day.  Please call this line before 8 a.m. to report absences, early dismissals and late arrivals.  The International Academy of Macomb believes that academic achievement requires high expectations and a strong commitment.  Regular and punctual attendance is essential for effective learning.

Excused Absences

Parents/guardians who wish a student's absence to be recorded as excused must telephone the school office, preferably by 8 a.m. and no later than the end of the school day (2:35 p.m.) on the day of the absence.  If the school is not contacted within this time frame, the absence will be recorded as unexcused.  Notes from home are not accepted to excuse an absence after it has occurred.  Administrators may request a doctor's verification for excused absences.  Parents/guardians should give a specific reason for the absence.

Students have one class period for each class period of excused absence to make up their missed work.  For example, if a student misses his or her history class on Monday and is excused, the work for that day must be turned in by the end of Wednesday's class meeting, or an arrangement to turn it in at another time must be made with the history teacher. 

Students who are absent two or more days for pre-arranged family trips, college visits, etc. must contact administration and teachers to obtain assignments which will be given while absent.  Unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher, students are not given any extra time to make up missed work.  Work is due immediately upon return to class.  Any work due on or during the absences must be turned in before the student leaves unless other plans are made with the teacher.

The school strongly discourages long planned absences or extending school vacations into lengthier holidays.  A student's ability to maintain good grades is impacted by extended absences.  Each school day and each class is important.

Exempted Absences

Exempted absences are not counted toward the maximum number of absences allowed in a course for a quarter.  Students have one day for each day they are absent to submit the work they missed.

Teachers must be contacted for appropriate assignments within a reasonable amount of time, if possible, prior to the following absences.

  • Funerals of immediate family members
  • Chronic illness certified in writing by a doctor
  • Extended illness (5+ consecutive school days) certified in writing by a doctor

The following absences must be prearranged.  Work is due immediately before the student leaves, unless other plans are made with the teacher.  Unless a prior arrangement has been made with the teacher, students are not given extra time to make up missed work.

  • Sports competitions
  • College visits
  • Mandatory college/scholarship interviews, presentations, performances
  • Field trips or other school-sponsored activities
  • Religious holidays
  • Outside school competitions or activities - These will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Unexcused Absences

Absences will be considered unexcused for the following reasons:

  • Oversleeping
  • Parent tardiness or forgetfulness
  • Skipping a class
  • Studying for a test
  • Leaving class or school without permission
  • Tardy to class more than 5 minutes (15 minutes in first block)
  • No specific reason for absence
  • An absence not called in by the end of the school day (2:35pm) on the day of the absence.

The main difference between excused and unexcused absences is that work missed or due on an unexcused absence day will receive a zero; work on an excused day can be completed and turned in for credit at an arranged time.  Extenuating circumstances may be discussed with administration.  The school reserves the right to determine which absences will remain unexcused and which will be converted to excused.  Work missed or due on an unexcused day cannot be completed/submitted for full value.

Attendance Alerts

School personnel will notify parents/guardians when a student is in attendance danger (four absences from a course in a quarter).  Parents/guardians should discuss the attendance issue with the students.  In the case of continued absences, parents/guardians will be notified again and an in-person meeting may be required.  If the problem continues, a referral to the County Truancy Officer may be made.


Students are expected to be in their seats ready to work at the start of class throughout the day.  Students who arrive tardy in the morning must sign in at the front office and obtain a pass from the secretary.  Tardiness of five minutes (fifteen minutes in first block) or longer is considered an unexcused absence.


If there is a test, quiz or assignment due prior to an absence and a student is absent in the class period the test or quiz would take place or the assignment is due, it is expected that a student will be prepared to take the test, quiz or turn in the assignment upon returning to class.  It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher to schedule the test, quiz or assignment.

Attendance Consequences

If a student's unexcused absences or tardies become excessive, the student may be subject to facing disciplinary consequences.

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