Failure and Low Grade Policy

Grades 9 and 10

The International Academy of Macomb requires that failed classes (semester grade of F) in grades 9 and 10 be made up by earning a "C" or better in an approved course in summer programs or community college.  The failed course must be made up during the summer following the failure.  Students may not return to the IAM in the fall if they fail to make up the course over the summer.

To ensure that the IAM records are current and the failed classes are made up, the grades earned must be provided to the Counseling Office no later than the second week of August.  Schedules and materials for the new school year will not be issued to students who have not provided the appropriate documentation.

Grades 11 and 12

The International Baccalaureate requires that the school ensure all IB Diploma candidates remain in "good standing."  The IB is an honors curriculum.  Grades of A and B are expected of all IB students.  Students with a grade of D or F are not considered in "good standing."  A semester grade of F in an IB course will require the students to return to their sending school for the remainder of their high school education.  A semester grade of D in an IB course must be followed by a grade of C or better in the next marking period and semester or the student must return to his/her sending school.  Seniors with a first semester grade of D are not eligible to sit for the IB exam in that subject thus placing the IB diploma in jeopardy.  Juniors and seniors who fail a non-IB semester course must make up the credit in the manner described for grades nine and ten students.  Students with special circumstances, such as family tragedies, traumatic health issues and externally mandated diploma requirements may appeal this policy to the principal for individual consideration, as needed.