Spirit Week & Winter Olympics 2017

Theme: Harry Potter 

     Houses and Colors 

  • Seniors - Gryffindor (Black)
  • Juniors - Slytherin (Green)
  • Sophomores - Ravenclaw (Blue)
  • Freshmen - Hufflepuff (Yellow)

Spirit Week Days*

Quidditch Monday (Sports Day)

Platform 9 & 3/4 Tuesday (Tourist Tuesday - dress like you're traveling)

Wizard Wednesday ("You're a wizard, Harry." Dress like a wizard OR your fave character)

Time-Turner Thursday (Decades Day. 12th grade - 70s. 11th - 90s.  10th - 80s.  9th - 50s.)

House/Color Friday (Represnt your house @ The Olympics - Dress in your house color) 

 *Please remember that spirit week is a privilege. Have fun, but dress appropriately. Any          student whose outfit is inappropritate will be asked to change. 

Hall Decorating

Hall decorating is after school on Thursday January 26th. Each class has an assigned hallway. Students must bring their own materials. All hallways must be clear of any trash and students must exit the building by 4:30. This is a great time to bond with your classmates and try to create the most decorative, creative hallway to earn points for the Winter Olympics competition.