Selection Process

Last Updated August 6, 2019

1.  Students whose cumulative GPA is at or above 3.50 are notified through a school announcement to pick up candidacy letters from room 8.  These letters contain information about obtaining the Candidate Packet.  Being eligible does not guarantee membership.  These letters are available starting Tuesday, August 13.  Students should pick up letters by Monday, August 19.


2.  Candidates complete the Candidate Packet, which is found on the NHS Club page of  The Candidate Packet is due to room 8 by 2:40 p.m. on Thursday, August 29.


3.  The Faculty Council consists of five members of the staff.  The Faculty Council reviews the information in the Candidate Packet.  Membership is determined based on a majority vote.  Administration confirms the decisions made by the Faculty Council.


4.  Candidates are notified of their membership or denial by letters given at school.  If a candidate gains membership, the letter will contain information on the first meeting and the Induction Ceremony.  If a candidate does not gain membership, the letter will contain information about possible candidacy in the future (for junior students).  These letters will be distributed by Monday, September 9.


5.  Members have their first meeting to discuss the Induction Ceremony and requirements of the chapter. 


6.  New members will have a rehearsal for the Induction Ceremony.


7.  The Induction Ceremony will be held to formally induct new members into the chapter.  Friends and family are invited.  Members will receive an invitation flyer with their membership letter.


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