IAM Faculty and Staff


Name Position Phone
Deitman, Debbie Administrative Assistant 586-723-7204
Meyer, Sue IB Coordinator 586-723-7211
Michalos, Thomas Counselor 586-723-7203
Searing, Nancy CAS Coordinator 586-723-7213
Strong, Laura Dean of Students 586-723-7206
Sturm, Eric Principal 586-723-7202
VanOpdenbosch, Stephanie Administrative Assistant 586-723-7210


Name Position Phone
Brown, Matthew Teacher 586-723-7251
DeMay, Shawna Teacher 586-723-7231
Ribant-Amthor, Rene Teacher 586-723-7239
Thompson, Mary Teacher 586-732-7232

Fine Arts

Name Position Phone
Kosi, Adam Teacher 586-723-7260
Nicevski, Sarah Teacher 586-723-7238

Health Education

Name Position Phone
Bohannon, Dan Teacher 586-723-7253


Name Position Phone
Cook, Andrea Teacher 586-723-7228
Hrisoulis, Bob Teacher 586-723-7226
Tapp, Mark Teacher 586-723-7230


Name Position Phone
Dionne, Jennifer Teacher 586-723-7246
Kardon, Evan Teacher 586-723-7237
Kilpatrick, Kyle Teacher 586-723-7240
Lambdin, Joe Teacher 586-723-7241
Weber, Rebecca Teacher 586-723-7236

Social Studies

Name Position Phone
Depew, Judy Teacher 586-723-7229
Jones, James Teacher 586-723-7234
Pete, Jonathan Teacher 586-723-7252
Rojeski, Deja Teacher 586-723-7225
Spotts, Andre Teacher 586-723-7235


Name Position Phone
Reddmann, Debbie Technology Specialist 586-723-7207

World Language

Name Position Phone
Barba, Natalia Teacher 586-723-7223
Conway, Jacqueline Teacher 586-723-7222
Jirkans, Elaine Teacher 586-723-7254
Nagle, Caroline Teacher 586-723-7221
Watkins, Michael Teacher 586-723-7227

Media Center

Name Position Phone
Swanger, Kathy Media Specialist 586-723-3131 or x 3123

E-mail Clarification: Staff e-mails are not posted in full, due to spam and phishing. If you need to send an attachment to a teacher or the form is insufficient, e-mail addresses can be formulated by taking the teacher’s first initial and complete last name followed by @cvs.k12.mi.us. For example: Mr. John Doe would be jdoe@cvs.k12.mi.us